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Thomson Reuters Contract Express is a powerful document automation software application used by world renowned law firms and corporations. While not the most popular document automation software on the market, Contract Express has recently been making a name for itself due to its ease-of-use for the end-user and simplicity when developing templates. Contract Express also comes with a slew of robust features that allows it to generate any legal document automation or contract, regardless of the length and/or complexity.


One of the best features of Contract Express is that it automatically decides which questions need to be asked by using assisted intelligence. If a question is not relevant based on the answer to a previous question, Contract Express will automatically hide the question so that the user is not even aware of its existence. This ensures that the user will only be answering questions which are relevant to the current matter, further saving time when automating documents.

An experienced document automation specialist can greatly help when developing templates in Contract Express. With the vast amount of functions, using the right features is vital to generating accurate and efficient documents.

Of Counsel Group’s team of document automation specialists are experts when it comes to Contract Express. Not only will we develop your templates for you, we will work with you and your team to make sure that your document automation is growing with your company.

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Of Counsel Group provides full-service document automation services for law firms and corporations. Our team has a proven track record of automating complex legal contracts and documents.